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Instrumental Compositions 


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"A Night Of Wonder" is a vibrant circus march that brings excitement no matter where you are. Throughout the piece, the interplay between percussion, woodwinds, and brass creates a dynamic tapestry of sound, capturing the magic of the circus. Ideal for advanced band ensembles seeking a challenge or collegiate programs aiming to build skills and camaraderie, "A Night Of Wonder" is a thrilling celebration of the joy and wonder of the circus, inviting performers and audiences alike to experience the excitement of the greatest show on earth.







I Clarinet in Bb

II Clarinet in Bb

III Clarinet in Bb

Bass Clarinet in Bb


I Alto Saxophone in Eb

II Alto Saxophone in Eb

Tenor Saxophone in Bb

Baritone Saxophone in Eb

Solo Cornet in Bb

I Cornet in Bb

II Cornet in Bb

III Cornet in Bb

I Horn in F

II Horn in F

Baritone Horn in Bass Clef

I Tenor Trombone

II Tenor Troombone

III Tenor Trombone [Optional]

Bass Trombone


Percussion I

(Snare and Bass Drum)

Percusssion II

(Crash Cymbal, Cowbell, and Triangle)


Brake Drum




A Night Of Wonder

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